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What is the Magic Actions App and Do I Need It?

The Magic Actions app—your Personalized Movie Theater—is a light weight, but powerful, safe and free web browser extension that will turn your computer into a Home Theater for YT.


This tool is built for everyone who loves YT and watching videos. It is used by millions of home users and businesses, and it was rated five stars by more than 129k+ reviewers—the highest in the Chrome Web Store. If you're not using this software yet, you've got to try it!

The application will help you create engaging multimedia experiences instantly, while playing any video that is available on YT. You can boost your productivity and make exceptional video presentations. You could even use it at a party, thanks to the Vinyl Mode!


What Are the Features of This Movie Theater?

The app is easy to configure and use. It has a wealth of unique and useful features. We were the first to design and implement such features as "dynamic lighting effects around the player," "instant volume control with mouse wheel," "day and night viewing modes" and others.

Home PRO Cinema

The Key Features in Personalized Home Theater

★ Control audio level with the mouse wheel★ PRO Cinema Mode: 40 different color presets★ Autoplay movies and TV shows in HD or 4K resolution★ Better autoplay controls★ Screen Recorder: capture images from movies and TV shows★ Night Mode Palette: turn on Dark theme with one click★ A set of 18 video filters to enhance your movie watching experience ★ Multi-Range Infinite Looper: repeat fragments of movies and TV shows★ Profile picture zoom and Clear View Mode to improve GUI of comments★ Pro Transform Effects and more…

You can find out about all of the assets and functions on the Features page. Also, we'd like to make a special mention about security and privacy recommendations.


Download and Install Movie Theater to Your Web Browser

Millions of people like you trust and use the app daily. If you have not already added the extension to your web browser, now is the time to do it. There is no spyware and malware, and it is 100% free for everyone!

Download for Chrome Download for Firefox Download for Opera

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