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Watch Videos in
Ultra HD Quality

High definition and Ultra High Definition videos is becoming increasingly popular across the Web. Auto HD/UHD
Pic. 1 - Videos automatically start
playing in highres quality
More and more people are shooting HD and Ultra HD 4K videos with their smartphones, tablets, high-end digital cameras etc., and then share them via YouTube. Plenty of companies offering Ultra HD 4K and 5K monitors, Ultra HD TVs and even Ultra HD projectors. People want to see the most crisp and clear images when watching videos on many of the popular video sharing websites.

With the Magic Actions App added to your web browser, you now have the ability to watch all videos at your preferred quality level. This wonderful feature enhancement is known as the AutoHD / UHD functionality.


Autoplay Videos in HD
or Preferred Quality

By ensuring that your videos are automatically set to play in high definition you no longer have to worry about manually configuring the video player to play in Full HD or Ultra HD. This is a perfect setup for anyone who is looking to get the most out of their video viewing experience.

Also, if you have a slow internet connection or limited Internet data plan, you can choose a lower quality level (such as 144p, 240p or 360p) to speed up video streaming, minimize bandwidth usage and cost.

Enable Auto HD/UHD

To enable the Auto HD/UHD feature all you need to do is go to Magic Options (Pic. 2), Options button
Pic. 2 - Open Magic Actions options
where select the check box "Enable Auto HD/UHD", then select the level of high definition Playback that you would like to set as the default (Pic. 3). Your options include the lowest setting: 144p, 240P, 360p, 480p; high-definition settings: 720p, 1080P; Ultra HD settings: 1440p, 2160p 4K, 2880p 5K and even Ultra 8K. Auto HD/UHD Settings
Pic. 3 - Auto HD/UHD Settings
In the event that your video does not have a high-definition setting, the Magic Actions will automatically select the near highest available playback quality.

Now you can happily enjoy the automation as your videos will automatically be set to your desired high-definition playback level.

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