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On this page you can capture photos from videos on your computer or smartphone, without any uploads! Also, you can capture, compose and save still images from movies, steaming videos, TV shows, any HD and 4K video on YT by using our web browser extension. Below, on the Thumbnail Image Wall, you can view all your captured snapshots as thumbnail images. Just pick a thumbnail to edit and/or save a resulting image in the Online Image Editor tool.

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Download and Install Magic Actions for YT

Do you want to capture still images from any YT video? Instantly and with 1-click? Get our Magic Actions browser extension, no spyware and malware, and it is 100% free for everyone!

Download for Chrome Download for Firefox

Supported on Windows, Mac, Chrome OS and Linux desktops. It's free, secure, 100% no malware, no badware. It works like a screen recorder or screen capture tool, but only captures video frames. Just 1-click and the snapshot is captured!

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