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The Cinema Mode for YouTube

You Can Feel Like You're In A Cinema!

Switch off the Lights, relax and … enjoy watching your favorite YouTube videos in a Cinema PRO mode with stunning lighting effects! When you want to really enhance your video-watching experience, you will be happy to learn about Magic Cinema effects.

Cinema Lights
Pic. 1 - "Magic Backlight"

"Magic Backlight" is one of the most unique and visually appealing Cinema mode themes. It's a fantastic dynamic lighting effect around the player, like Philips Ambilight for TVs.

Immerse Yourself In A Cinematic Experience

In order to enable the feature, all you need to do is click on the filmstrip icon in the Magic Actions buttons list (Pic.2)

Cinema Mode button
Pic.2 - Go to the Cinema Mode

or click on the background to the left or right of the player. Once you have done this, the video window will go into Cinema mode automatically.

Once here you will notice the default backlight and the Cinema mode options that are available in the top right of the window. With these options you have the ability to utilize one of the 40 preconfigured color themes (Pic.3).

Choose the Cinema Theme
Pic.3 - Choose the Cinema Theme

To quickly exit from the Cinema mode just click on the background around the video and this will bring you back to your main browser screen (Pic.4)

Exit from Cinema
Pic.4 - Exit from Cinema or scroll to the
comments and sugesstion videos

As an added benefit, the Cinema mode will allow you to not only scroll through the comments section but you can also view suggestion videos on the right-hand side of the window.

Cinema Mode - Set Up Your Options

On the Magic Actions Options page you will be presented with the checkbox selections that will allow you to enable Cinema mode and toggle the options to switch to it automatically, go full-screen, and use the largest possible player size (Pic.5).

Cinema Mode Settings
Pic.5 - Cinema Mode Settings

By having the software switch to Cinema mode automatically, as soon as your video begins to play your custom cinema backlight will immediately be activated.

To really benefit from the true effect of the cinema backlight, you always want to try to use the largest possible player size.

Thankfully, in the Cinema settings you have the ability to choose the option to automatically use the largest player size for your video.

With all of these wonderful colors to choose from and the other enhancement properties in the Magic Actions app, your video viewing enjoyment has never been better. Now you can have a full theater like effect from the comfort of your own home.

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