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Download for Firefox - Magic Actions for YouTube

Improve Your YouTube Watching Experience In Firefox

Do you like watching videos on YouTube with a high quality of viewing experience in your favorite Firefox browser? Then, Magic Actions for YouTube™ is the best browser add-on for you to try something new.

1. In Firefox, click the button below to go directly to the Magic Actions for YouTube™ page on the Firefox Add-ons gallery.

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It's 100% free for everyone!

2. Click the Add to Firefox button and then click Add to confirm the installation.

3. When the installation is complete, you will see a notice confirming that the add-on has been added to the Firefox browser. Click Okay, Got it and Magic Actions for YouTube™ icon will appear on the Firefox toolbar in the upper right corner of the browser window.

Please note: if you always use the Firefox browser in private mode, the add-on may not work. Therefore, you must select the "Allow this extension to run in Private Windows" checkbox, which is located above the Okay, Got it button, or uncheck the option "Always use private browsing mode" in the "History" section of the "Privacy & Security" page in Firefox's settings.

After you complete all the steps of the installation, simply visit the YouTube website and enjoy plenty of amazing features that Magic Actions for YouTube™ add-on gives you. To find out more information about features and how they work, please visit the features page and helpful tips.

Thank you for reading and downloading - You're Awesome!

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