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You are unique and everything you do or touch is your footprint, that is also special. Manage your watch history Imagine, you have a marvellous day and find exclusive videos on YouTube, you continue watching them jumping from one to another. You keep enjoying and forget to save them. After some days or several months, you suddenly remember one of these excellent videos and want to show one of them to your friend. But… you forgot the title!!! No worries! You have a fantastic tool called YouTube watch history: a list of videos you've previously watched.


Watch History
Tips and Tricks

Let's learn it better! Be professional to know how to save, delete or pause your YouTube watch history

This history you can see only if you have watched video while being signed into your account! When you are signed into YouTube, you'll be able to get your watched history on any device. The history is smart! It helps you to find videos you've already watched, but it also gives you a possibility to find videos you may wish to watch in the future! Your home feed offers recommendations, that are based on what's in your watch history.

Another situation: you don't want anyone else to see what you have been watching on YouTube. You want to keep your secrets safe! YouTube will help you again, letting you to delete your YouTube watch history. Then it will simply disappear.

Enter to your YouTube account and click on "hamburger menu" on the left upper corner, then head over. Choose the option of "History", so you will get into your watch history. That's all your browsing history. Scrolling through, you will be able to see the videos you have watched previous months or even previous years. From here you can delete a particular watched video just clicking the "X" mark beside it. Do you want to delete all the videos, the entire YouTube watch history? Do it by clicking the button "Clear all watch history".

Another bottom next to is "Pause watch history". If you click it, then you literally pause your watch history: from this moment YouTube won't be saving any data anything you watch.

How Can I Delete
My Search History

There is more than watch history! You also have a search history on YouTube! You can find "Search history" just next to "Watch history", making the same steps that you have already read above. You can clear it or pause it. Search history shows you what you have searched for previously. If you edit your search history, this, actually, will influence what videos YouTube recommends to you. But! Also, your search history will be cleared out when you either switch accounts or sign out.

Keep in mind, in all the cases, when you clear your history, there is no way to undo it!

How To Delete Your Removal History
Marked As "Not interested"

More things to discover! Do you know that you can also delete your removal history? These are the videos and channels you've marked as "not interesting" on YouTube home page or in your mobile apps.

Visit your Activity page, click the "Other Google Acitvity" in the left menu that will lead you to several options where one of them will be "Not Interested feedback". Afterward simply click &Delete&, so you will restore your recommendations from YouTube.

Always keep in mind that you won't be able to undo this!

If you have multiple YouTube accounts, each of them needs to take care of it personally. Enjoy the joy of YouTube!

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