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AV1 codec support on YouTube

By Magic Actions -Updated: 12 October, 2018

How to enable AV1 on YouTube

One of the new features on YouTube is support for AV1 video decoding. AV1 is a new, royalty-free, media codec that promises better compression rates than H.264, H.265/HEVC , and smaller file size without loss of video quality.

Your privacy and safety are our top priorities

Outdated Browser - Your Security At Risk By Magic Actions -Updated: 12 September, 2018. Dear All: We are always striving to improve your experience, and each Magic Actions update includes feature enhancements, fixes, code optimization, performance improvements, etc. Your privacy and safety online are our top priorities!

Capture more of your favorite moments

Take Snapshots On the Fly By Magic Actions - 29 August, 2018. We all know that a video usually has various nice and favorite moments that you often want to keep. How to take images from your favorite videos on-the-fly with a single click.

Magic Actions is the #1 App for YouTube

Magic Actions is the #1 App for YouTube! By Magic Actions -Updated: 21 September, 2018. Dear all: Today we want to give you some facts that you probably didn't know about Magic Actions for YouTube™, and why Magic Actions is one of the best Chrome extension for YouTube.

Why you should update to Google Chrome 68

Google Chrome v68 marks insecure sites By Magic Actions - 31 July, 2018. Last week, Google has released Chrome 68 for Windows, Mac and Linux, which is the latest stable version of the popular web browser. As always, this update includes a number of bug fixes and enhancements, 42 security fixes, new features and APIs.

Magic Actions for Chrome released, now available for download!

Magic Actions With Minecrafted Video Filter By Magic Actions - 23 April, 2018. Hi, everyone! Today, we're pleased to announce the release of a new version of Magic Actions (v7.3.1.0) for Chrome and Chromium based browsers. This update contains a number of feature improvements, security fixes, code optimization and has a number of new features. One of the more exciting new experimental features is auto-removing the black bars (letterboxes) along the top and bottom of the video. You can try it in a Cinema mode. We have also added a new video filter, which is called Minecrafted. This filter was created under the influence of "Minecraft" game. Magic Actions is 100% free to use for everyone! Download It Now!
Enjoy watching the best videos and Thank you for using Magic Actions!

A new set of awesome video filters! Magic Actions v7.3.0.7

Magic Video Effects By Magic Actions - 18 February, 2018. Hi All ! Today, we have released a new version of Magic Actions for Chrome and Chromium-based browsers. The main new feature of this release is a new set of video filters, which you can apply to any video on YouTube. Currently, you can choose any of the 18 different video filters: Detalization, High Contrast, S-High Contrast, Grayscale, Sepia, Milk, Red Magic, Noir, Oil painting, Pencil, Engraving, Age, Plastify, Colored Emboss, Soft Focus Lens, Matte and Invert. To apply any Magic Actions filter to a video, you'll first need to select "Enable Video Filters" in the Magic Actions settings. Then go to any video page and left-click the filter icon , which is located under the video player in the Magic Actions buttons panel. By clicking on filter button, you will switch to the next filter and so on until the last filter is reached. Currently, you can apply one of 18 different video filters. To disable any filter, just right-click on the same icon.
Download It Right Now!It's totally free to use for everyone!

Use the latest release of your Chrome. Prevent being hacked!

To stop being hacked, always use the latest release... By Magic Actions - 25 January, 2018. Hi everyone, the good news is come! The Stable version of Google Chrome™ for Desktop has been updated to the version 64. This release comes with a bunch of security and privacy fixes, bug fixes, and a number of improvements and changes. Always keep your browser up to date to prevent being hacked.
Google Chrome™ automatically updates itself whenever a new version of the browser is available. For security and privacy reasons we recommend you update your Chrome right now!Your security and privacy in the Internet are important to us. Stay safe and secure online!

Magic Actions for YouTube Chrome Edition has been updated to

Magic Actions v7303 By Magic Actions - 9 January, 2018. Hi, Everyone! Magic Actions update / download available for all Chrome and Chromium users. This release comes with some minor, but nonetheless important improvements and changes. Added the Top 100 most popular music videos and improved the Options page. Performance tweaks and code optimization were also implemented. Download It Now! It's 100% FREE to All!

Magic Actions v7.3.0.1 for Chrome and Chromium browsers released

Magic Actions v7301 By Magic Actions - 3 January, 2018. Hi, Everyone! We have just released Magic Actions for YouTube Chrome and Chromium Edition and pushed it out to all users. This update contains stability and performance improvements, optimization and code cleanups. Fixed an issue where the options page could open as a blank page. Add to Chrome!
Thank you for using Magic Actions!

Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year 2018 By Magic Actions - 31 December, 2017. Dear all: Thank you for your support in the last year! We wish you happiness, success and prosperity in the New Year of 2018! Stay in the magic!
With lots of love, Magic Actions Team.

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