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About Magic Actions App The Magic Actions app is one of the most used browser extensions for YT that allows you to create an immersive movie watching experience. Our team has developed and implemented more than a dozen of handy and unique software components, such as the ability to watch movies, HD videos, 4K videos with dynamic lighting effects around the player, Capture HD video frames with 1-click and then create desktop wallpapers or 4K wallpapers, loop the funny moments from movies and videos, etc., which you can easily configure right on this page.
Where I can configure Movie Theater options? Some of the most used features that you will find and can configure in the options below: Auto HD Video / Ultra HD Video option; Mouse Wheel Volume control option; Cinema Mode with perfectly designed dynamic lighting effects around the player's frame; Stop Autoplay option; Day and Night viewing modes, and other useful assets and features.

Configure Your Home Cinema

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Fix Errors and Speed Up Surfing the WebIt is strongly recommended to clear your browsing data regularly. This protects your privacy and lets you watching YT and browse the web without much trouble. Important: after you clear cookies, you will be logged out from all the websites that you have logged. If you do not use a password manager, make sure you have your usernames and passwords saved somewhere.

Clear Your Browsing Data:
1. Paste chrome://settings/clearBrowserData into the URL bar and press Enter.
2. Select Advanced and Time range "All time".
3. Check the boxes: "Browsing History", "Cookies and other site data", "Cached images and files", "Hosted App data"
4. Press "Clear Data".
Data Privacy and Protection By using the app you can be confident in your data privacy and protection. No Spyware, No Malware, No Badware! Scanned with over 50 antivirus scanners at VirusTotal. Your data privacy and protection is critically important to us and we want you to feel relaxed and stay secure while using your Personalized Movie Theater.
About the Project Personalized Movie Theater is an absolutely free project. If you want to support the development of the app, there are several ways you can do this:

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