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Quick access to the most basic features. Learn more...

Magic Controls


Magic Actions
Volume Control

Place your mouse over the screen and scroll the mouse-wheel to change the volume level. Learn more...

Mouse wheel for volume control

Magic Actions
Cinema Mode

"Magic Backlight" - A dinamyc lighting effect around the player. Learn more...

Magic Backlight

Magic Actions
Day and Night Themes

Make your experience more comfortable with the Night viewing mode. Learn more...

Night Theme

Magic Actions
Multi-Range Looper

Highlight one or several segments of video and play them in an endless loop.

Multi-Range Looper

Right-click on the timeline and you will see a highlighted area between scrubber button (it's the starting point) and the place where you clicked (it's the ending point). To remove a loop just right-click on it.

Magic Actions
Video Transformations

"Magic Vinyl" is specially created for those who like to play music.

Night Theme Night Theme

Magic Actions
Color Filters

Magic Actions - Color Filters - Detalization

Detalization Filter

Magic Actions - Color Filters - High contrast

High Contrast Filter

Magic Actions - Color Filters - Grayscale

Grayscale Filter

Magic Actions - Color Filters - Sepia

Sepia Filter

Magic Actions - Color Filters - Red Magic

Red Magic Filter

Magic Actions - Color Filters - Invert

Invert Filter

Help & Tips

Helpful information and advice on how to improve your watching experience, how to fix common issues and get the most out of Magic Actions


Take Snapshots From a Video

HD Sound

Control Volume Sound with Mouse Wheel


Day and Night Viewing Modes

Auto HD

Watch Videos in Ultra HD Quality

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