Tiny Image Editor

Open an Image, Apply Filters and Save
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Tiny Image Editor

This is a very basic image editor that lets you open an image or photo from your desktop computer, tablet or phone, apply filters, change resulting image quality and save in several most popular image formats. You do not need to upload images, everything happens locally on your device, so it's fast, safe and secure.

Tiny Image Editor is free for everyone and we do not put any watermarks on a resulting image. And, of course, this tool is not intended for advanced image editing and do not have features that are available in professional graphics editors such as Photoshop or Affinity Photo, at least for now.

Using with Magic Actions Browser Extension
Capture Frames from a Video, Apply Filters and Download

Video usually has a unique and favorite moments that sometimes we want to keep, share them with others. By using a Magic Actions browser extension you can easily do this! The extension includes many useful and amazing software assets and features including screen capture functionality. It lets you take snapshots of your favorite moments from your own or YouTube videos with just 1-click. As easy as if you're shooting with your digital camera or smartphone.

It's very convenient to make your own awesome high quality desktop wallpapers or just images for your blog posts and social media, or enrich your collection of new digital photos of your favorite music band, football star, actor, or whatever.

After capturing, you can set the image quality and compression level, apply amazing photo filters and effects, add a title and URL of the movie or 4k video, choose the preferred file format to save your resulting image.

A set of photo effects includes nine the most sought-after filters such as Cinema, Insta, Grayscale, Sepia, Threshold, Vibrance, Sharpen, Blur and Vignette. You can give your snapshots, desktop wallpapers and digital photos a unique and impressive look by applying these filters. You can choose the file format you would like to save your snapshot in. Most major image formats are supported including JPEG, PNG and a new image format for Web named WebP.


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Note: Some content creators/owners believe the use of an image snapshot from a video frame is an copyright infringement. You may not use copyrighted content unless you obtain permission from its owner or are otherwise permitted by law. Learn more

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