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The Best Dark Theme for YouTube

Day & Night Themes

Have you ever found yourself wishing that you could change the actual theme of your YouTube video window? Maybe you are trying to create ambience or want to switch your browser into night mode for optimum viewing.

Day and Night Themes
Pic.1 - Change the actual theme of video page

The Magic Actions app has the functionality to allow you to toggle between day viewing mode and night viewing mode to make the experience more comfortable on the eyes.

Not only does this change the outward appearance of the browser but the webpage theme takes on a custom dark look. This look is specifically crafted to create a more streamlined viewing experience for the user.

Switch Themes On The Fly

Once you have navigate to any video page, you will see the Day and Night themes switch immediately to the left of the Youtube logo (Pic.2).

Day/Night Switch
Pic.2 - Day and Night themes Switch

Now all you need to do is determine whether or not you want to experience day mode or night mode. Simply toggle the switch up or down for your desired background setting and your entire browser theme will change to reflect your selected mode.

Enable Day/Night
Pic.3 - Enable Day and Night Feature

Night mode is perfect for watching your YouTube videos in the dark setting and it will actually accentuate the video during playback. Alternatively, for daytime conditions, but they mode gives you all the flexibility of the original YouTube web page theme.

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