Pro Software & Apps Kit

A professional suite of software and apps for PC, Mac, and Chromebook to help you improve your online experience.


Innovative Multimedia software for Windows, Mac and Chrome OS enabled computers.
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Free Download for Google Chrome

Customize and Personalize your Chromebook or any Desktop computer with Extensions.
Download Extensions for Google Chrome

Browser Extension — Customize Your Settings

Advanced settings for YouTube to enhance your watching experience. Mouse wheel volume control, Auto HD, Screenshoter, …
Customize Settings

Browser Update Checker

Keep your browser up-to-date to eliminate malware that traditional virus scanning doesn’t always detect.
Browser Update Checker

Delete Browsing Data

Delete your browsing data on your computer directly. Clear cache, history, cookies and local storage with a 1-click.
Delete Browsing Data

Tiny Image Editor - Apply Filters and Save

Open an image or photo from your device, apply filters, change quality and save in several most popular image formats. Do not need to upload, all is done locally on your device.
Free Image Editor

Free Calendar Maker

Create your own unique calendar within seconds and print it!
Free Calendar Maker